Making the ‘Mirror, Mirror’ Quilt

The magic of quilting is all about the process. Going from a stack of fabric to a family heirloom. For ...
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Before & After: Quilted Director’s Chair DIY Project

The director's chair is a lightweight folding chair, commonly found with a wooden frame and canvas seating. Gold Metal Camp ...
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Nested Seams – Seam Spinning

What is a Nested Seam?

She has many names: nesting seams, spinning seams, twirling seams, swirling seams, fanning seams, spiral seams, popping seams... When you ...
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Halloween Quilt – Totality Quilt Pattern

This variation of the Totality Quilt is a perfect project for those of you that have been wanting to make ...
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Testing the Totality Quilt Pattern

My second time working with pattern testers was for the Totality Quilt. Seeing how other quilters interpret the pattern and ...
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Totality Pattern Cover

Totality Quilt Pattern

The Totality Quilt Pattern is now available in my pattern shop! Like the Suncake Quilt, the Totality pattern has instructions ...
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Thornbush Quilt Improv Wiggle Quilting

Wiggle Quilting

I usually record hyperlapse videos because we have teeny attention spans. But today I give you real time wiggle quilting ...
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Fort Snozzberry Quilt Stop Motion Animation

Fort Snozzberry Quilt Block Animation

Before I sewed together all of the blocks I made for this quilt, I took a bunch of photos to ...
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Suncake Quilt Animations

Here are some fun video animations I made of the Suncake Quilt cycling through different colorings. This potential colorways for ...
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Making Fort Snozzberry

Behind the scenes photos of the quilt making process for For Snozzberry ...
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Not My First Blog Post

Welcome to my new blog! Before there was social media, the people of whatever my generation is called used blogs ...
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