Making the ‘Mirror, Mirror’ Quilt

The magic of quilting is all about the process. Going from a stack of fabric to a family heirloom. For today’s post, I take you with me on this journey for the Mirror, Mirror Quilt.

It Always Starts with a Failure

My original intention with this project was to make a set of double sided coasters or trivets with pointy sawtooth stars for Christmas presents.

Like all of my early projects, I began by cutting up a bunch of fabric. For this project it was isoceles triangles and half-triangles in red, navy, and natural. The 2 prototypes I made were pretty fugly and I happily abandonded the idea. Which left me with a pile of pieces. But when has not having a plan ever stopped me?

The Design Process

I quickly arranged the pieces on the design wall, not paying too much attention to the order. In the image on the left you can see how the red pieces happened to align to form a secondary pattern from the upper left diagonally across the center.

The diamond within a diamond shape began to take hold and I iterated on the idea, moving the pieces around and playing with colors and contrast until I ended up with this final composition.

In my nested seams post, I mention that it took several tries before I figured out how to master seam nesting. Here are some seamside pics to prove it!

The Quilting Process

Got a little experimental with my quilting on this one by mixing motifs – diagonal cross-hatching for the focal design, straight lines for the borders, and diagonal lines for the cornerstones.

I am obsessed with those crinkle-winkles in the corner! And with every little detail where you can see the maker’s hand – a crooked stitch, imperfect points, skewed lines…

I reject the idea that there is a perfect state to strive for. I instead strive for accepting what I have created just as it is. Shifting my focus from trying to control the physical world to focus on controlling the emotions and expectations of my inner thoughts and finding fulfillment in the act of creating.

The Finished Quilt

Finished Mirror, Mirror Quilt
Finished Mirror, Mirror Quilt
View of quilt back for Mirror, Mirror quilt
Quilt Back for Mirror, Mirror
Satterwhite Quilts label on the back of the mirror, mirror quilt
No quilt is complete without a label!!!

The name ‘Mirror, Mirror’ came quite a while after I gifted the quilt. When I began working on my website I took it as an opportunity to give some of my earlier quilts proper names.

A New Family Heirloom

How perfect does this quilt look in the game room at my grandparent’s house? The memory of how surprised and excited they were when they opened their present still gives me all the feels!

Mirror, Mirror Quilt at Honey and Pa's House
Mirror, Mirror Quilt at Honey and Pa’s House


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