Totality Quilt Pattern

The Totality Quilt Pattern is now available in my pattern shop!

Mini version of Totality Quilt in Blue Gradient – Solar VariationLike the Suncake Quilt, the Totality pattern has instructions for 5 different sizes: Mini – 15″ x 15″, Baby – 37″ x 37″, Throw – 60″ x 60″, Super Throw – 75″ x 75″, and Queen – 97″ x 97″.

Something new in this pattern is a little bit of help with nesting seams. I get a lot of questions about what I do with my seams when I’m piecing, so I put together a diagram showing how to press them in alternating directions and have everything match up. It is not a full tutorial on how to nest seams, just a little help on how to nail it with this pattern.

I loved working on this quilt so much that I have already made 3 different variations. The first one I made was the Mini size, using a gradient of blue fabrics to create a raditating effect.

To help you create your own design, the pattern contains instructions on how to organize your favorite gradient of fabrics in 4 different variations: Solar, Lunar, Ascending, and Retrograde.

Gradient Variations for the Totality Quilt

My partner recently requested a “bigger quilt” to use on our couch, so the second Totality Quilt I made was a Super Throw size using Essex Linen.  I had never used linen in a quilt before and thought the textural effect of the yarn-dyed fabrics would give the finished quilt a moody vibe. What do you think?

Grayscale Totality Quilt in Essex Linen

The quilting is done with 2 different colors of gray thread, creating a pinstripe.

Back of the Grayscale Totality Quilt

To get the real linen effect, every usable scrap from the front (plus a few scraps from a different project) went into the improv-style backing. Originally I planned on using this version for the pattern cover. However, after I finished quilting it, my intuition was begging for something with a little more color. Since I knew this quilt was bound for our couch and not the pattern cover, I decided I could finish it off with Essex Gold Metallic linen for the binding. Grayscale is fine and all, but gold makes me happy.

The 3rd Totality Quilt, I finished just in time to get it photographed and placed on the pattern cover! The blue and peachy-orange colors remind me of all the amazing photographs from 2017’s solar eclipse. What a brilliant moment that was! In Seattle, we weren’t directly in the path of totality, but at 92% we did experience the sky dimming and a 5º drop in temperature.

I’ll never know if I picked the right one for the cover, but I do know that I’m happy with how it turned out. And that is a win in my book.

Totality Quilt in Blue and Orange

I hope you feel inspired! I can’t wait to see what magic you make with your own Totality Quilt.

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